Mike Payne

President - ACT Children’s Week

Welcome to Children’s Week 2023. We are looking forward to an exciting week of activities celebrating the achievements and aspirations of our children and young people; increasing awareness of their needs, interests and rights; and promoting community involvement and cooperation. Once again, our thanks and appreciation go out to the many organisations and individuals who are planning to make this a memorable week.

As our society is still responding to the ongoing and changing impacts of the Covid-19 virus, and local and global news often has a negative focus, the ABC’s Bright Side brings a collection of stories that aim to inspire, engage and create hope where there is uncertainty. In our own way ACT Children’s Week is also able to provide a spotlight on good news happening within the local ACT community. Through our annual non-competitive Awards programme we recognise some of the amazing work being done on an everyday basis to support and improve outcomes for children and young people across the ACT. With the generous support of our financial sponsors we are also able to support a large number of events, involving cross-generational participants, held in and around Children’s Week. 

Children are our future, and as we think about the kind of adults and leaders we want them to become, the 2023 Children’s Week National Theme, based on the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child, Article 31, reminds us that Children have the right to relax, play, and take part in activities they enjoy. We have a responsibility to ensure that their formative years are enjoyable and to provide them with a positive and healthy start. Children’s Week is a time when we can all celebrate, and participate in providing them with such a beginning.