Luke Ferguson and Daydream Machine

Business Contribution Award

Daydream Machine received a 2022 ACT Children’s Week Business Contribution award for outstanding contributions to neurodivergent youth. Daydream is a Canberra based business for young people living with a disability to explore their interests and talents in music, arts, and STEM projects. Daydream Machine currently provides tailored programs to 22 young neurodivergent people across the ACT. These programs are provided within a safe, inclusive, dynamic learning space, providing students with industry-standard skills and a realistic career pathway, while keeping it fun!

Recently, three Daydream Machine participants were finalists in the National Edstart Achievement Awards. One of these participants, an 11-year-old student with autism won her category and will be producing her album with the prize money at Daydream Machine.

This has all been made possible through the support and dedication of Luke Ferguson, who established Daydream Machine in January. Luke has also been awarded a 2022 ACT Children’s Week Community for Children award.