Living Streets Association Watson

Youth Commitment Award

Watson has had growing residential development that has not properly accommodated residents’ needs in the past few years. Living Streets Association’s youth team planned and actioned the 2022 Section 76 campaign which focused on a particular block up for territory plan variation. They aimed to raise awareness of development issues in the area and make sure everyone’s needs, including children and young peoples’, are considered.

At the Community Consultations, the youth and design team found that residents were concerned about whether public community spaces and facilities would meet the demands of the growing population. Consequently, the design team focused their Masterplan process on community facilities that would fulfil the needs of current and future residents. The youth team conducted interviews with key community groups, and a documentary was created to capture the long-term community effort of the campaign. A Community Picnic Day was organised to bring the community together and get to know the beautiful ecology in the area through talks and activities about birdlife and the importance of native flora and fauna.


Watch our Section 76, Watson Documentary to see the scale and impact of the campaign: