Logan Firth

To begin, we introduce you to Logan Firth, a 16 year-old author with Asperger’s. Logan was nominated for an Exceptional Young Person Award for the inspirational work she has done over the last year as a spokesperson for young people living with Autism. Logan attends Daydream Machine, a STEM-based learning studio in Canberra for neurodivergent children.

Logan is an author and released her audio-book, The Children of the Library during Youth Week last year; she recorded and produced her novel at Daydream Machine, and is currently working on her second novel – she was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Julia Dean from the United Nation’s Information Centre.

Logan is articulate and passionate about changing people’s perceptions on what it means to be ‘living with a disability’. She has been interviewed about her journey with autism by UNIC on several occasions this year. Listen to Logan speaking here: