Catherine Rule

Catherine Rule

Director-General, Community Services Directorate

The 2023 Children’s Week national theme is drawn from the United Nations Rights of the Child Article 31, recognising children have the right to relax, play and to join in a wide range of leisure activities.

As Director-General of the Community Services Directorate, I am proud of the work being undertaken across our directorate and in our community to support the children of Canberra. It is through play and leisure that children can develop an understanding of themselves as well as providing the opportunity for children to improve their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

The ACT Government is committed, through ongoing policy reform and community partnerships, to strengthening children’s participation in play and activities. The Best Start for Canberra’s Children: The First 1000 Days Strategy is at 10-year strategy that is informed by evidence and the lived experiences of Canberran children and their families. Best Start brings together the voices of government and our community partners, to provide a clear pathway where we can all focus on supporting our children. In Best Start, we recognise the importance of making the most of this critical time to ensure Canberra’s children and their families enjoy the best possible future.

Children’s Week is a great opportunity to showcase the work of our dedicated community partners who work tirelessly to support Canberra’s children and young people. This is also an opportunity to hear directly from our children and young people about what they need from us to have the best life they possibly can.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Children’s Week enjoying the range of activities on offer.