Congratulations to ACT Children’s Week committee member Thien Truong from IEEE who has been awarded a Region 10 EA Project Development Grant for Promoting solar energy education in ACT during ACT Children’s Week!


ACT Children’s Week and Signing Partnership Agreement

by Ambarish Natu (IEEE)


In 2022 the lnstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) ACT Section and ACT Children’s Week entered into a partnership to promote STEM in the region. As a result of 12 months’ work organizing a grants application process and reviewing several nominations for awards, the inaugural Outstanding STEM Volunteer and Grants were given out to a number of deserving candidates and institutions. The IEEE ACT Section contributed $1000 from its own section funds to support this cause with a significant contribution coming from the local ACT government. As a result of this partnership, STEM has attracted state-level attention and promotion.

The ACT Section was for years, unable to promote STEM activities in the region due to a lack of resources and a champion to drive this initiative. ACT Children’s Week is a friend organization that has helped the IEEE ACT section promote STEM in the community at its grassroots level. This is a significant step for the section in creating outreach among pre-university students and volunteers.